Thursday, September 19, 2013

Oh, hey there, my sister.

Aah.. The Single Girl Smile and Nod.  

What's that you ask?

Please be to sitting and I shall tell you.  

TSGSaN is what happens when you do something so obviously single in front of another single woman and her response is a simple smile and nod.  As if she's trying to say "I see you, my sister."

Like when I'm in the checkout at my local grocery store for the second time this week.  Buying frozen TV dinners, popcorn, what looks like enough Diet Coke to last me through winter but will actually be gone in 4 days, 6 cans of soup and beer.

For a moment, the checkout girl is unfrozen from her self-imposed hypnotism in the attempt to just make it through the day, registers your pile of single girl food, throws that look your way that says "I get it, I just bought the exact same things yesterday and probably will buy it all again tomorrow," smiles and nods at you.

Or when you're scrambling around on a Friday afternoon, trying to buy an entire outfit at Express or Anthropologie because your friends refused to let you flake out on them *again* and you HAVE to have a new outfit because you go to that same bar more times than you care to admit.. 

You lock eyes with the other woman that's rushing around the store too.  You both nod and smile at each other.  Her eyes saying "Aah, you too?  Hang in there, fellow single sister.  I'll see you at the club later.  And you better not buy that top because I've been eyeing it since I walked in."

Yes.  The Single Girl Smile and Nod is a little salute to the fellow single women we come in contact with.  Which is a lot, considering women outnumber men 2:1 in NYC.

We're in this together, my friend.  

She's smiling on the inside.

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