Thursday, October 17, 2013

Now where am I going to find the time to do nothing?

So, I haven't posted in a couple weeks because I've been surprisingly busy.  

Which is really cutting into my Lay Around and Do Nothing plan.

About 2 weeks ago I finally got my headshots redone.  I eventually settled on these..

The top two being used for internet submissions along with the bottom two.  The bottom two will be printed as well.

So far, they seem to be working.  I've gotten 3 auditions.  Had to pass on one because of travel time.  It would have been 9 hours on a bus, not counting the actual audition.. basically, my pups would have been stuck at home for 11ish hours.  That and if I had gotten it, travel and lodging would not be reimbursed.  

Then I ended up passing on another after the writer made some changes to the part that would have required nudity.

I'm not so down with the nudity part.  At least not for free, anyway.

Anyway, third audition I DID make it to.  I had actually thought that it only had gone so-so but..

I just heard back yesterday that I got the part!  So, that was pretty badass.  And also a good pick-me-up due to the fact that two hours earlier I ran into my ex for the first time in over a year.

While I was wearing a turkey on my head.

No, seriously.

Expression not included.

This was taken after in the bar, of course.  Because I need some alcohol.  

By some, I mean lots.

And that's my life lately.

Oh!  And rehearsals start tomorrow which I am beyond excited about.  I'll keep y'all updated on how it goes and the part and everything.  


Monday, September 30, 2013

Busy like a kinda lazy bee.

I'm not sure what it is about telling summer to fuck off, but I swear.. Once the cold weather makes it's way over, I can hardly stay in the house.

Whereas hot weather makes me hermit myself away from the world and hug my AC 22 hours out of the day.  Because sweat.  Ick.

Last Thursday a friend and I headed over to Irving Plaza to catch Candlebox and Hinder.  

But first we started with this.

And this.

Because calories don't count when you're going to see live music.

It's true.  I read it on the internet.

Then we watched some bands that I hadn't heard of who were pretty good, actually.  Open Air Stream and Devour the Day.  Look 'em up, if you want.  Or not.  

After that Candlebox came out.  Did you know it's been 20 years since their first album debuted?  That doesn't make me feel old at all.

After rocking out with them for a while, they scooted and Hinder came out.

Now, if you're familiar with Hinder at all, you'll see in the pictures that the lead singer?  Not Austin Winkler.  Nope.

It's Jared Weeks.  From Saving Abel.  Who I have a huge lady boner for.  Despite him being all gingery.  Because omg I love him.

So, not only did we get songs from Hinder, we also got some Saving Abel songs.  Which I was totally OK with.  Because I love him.  And not only that.  He totally sweated on me and it was awesome.  Because I love him.

Then on Saturday I finally got my hairs did.  Finally.  I was starting to look a hot mess.

But minus the hot.

And something that is totally out of character for me.  I completely forgot to take 600 selfies of my finished hair.  And I wasn't even drunk.  So I have no idea how that slipped my mind.

Later though, I was drunk.  I met up with a friend and her husband to watch the Iowa game.  Or something.  I'm pretty sure it was Iowa.


Then they headed home and I went to meet up with another friend at her work.  It's a bar though, so it's not weird.  It's good that she's not like, a teacher or something.  Because they tend to frown on drunken visitors.  And that would be awkward.

I don't have any pictures of that though.  Because I was drunk at that point.  I did find this pic on my phone.

Of which I have no explanation for.  So we'll just go with aliens.  Because why not?

Next up?  Shopping tomorrow for some tops for my upcoming headshots.  Which will either be Wednesday or Friday.  With a fantastic photographer.  I am superdupersuper excited about this.  


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Oh, hey there, my sister.

Aah.. The Single Girl Smile and Nod.  

What's that you ask?

Please be to sitting and I shall tell you.  

TSGSaN is what happens when you do something so obviously single in front of another single woman and her response is a simple smile and nod.  As if she's trying to say "I see you, my sister."

Like when I'm in the checkout at my local grocery store for the second time this week.  Buying frozen TV dinners, popcorn, what looks like enough Diet Coke to last me through winter but will actually be gone in 4 days, 6 cans of soup and beer.

For a moment, the checkout girl is unfrozen from her self-imposed hypnotism in the attempt to just make it through the day, registers your pile of single girl food, throws that look your way that says "I get it, I just bought the exact same things yesterday and probably will buy it all again tomorrow," smiles and nods at you.

Or when you're scrambling around on a Friday afternoon, trying to buy an entire outfit at Express or Anthropologie because your friends refused to let you flake out on them *again* and you HAVE to have a new outfit because you go to that same bar more times than you care to admit.. 

You lock eyes with the other woman that's rushing around the store too.  You both nod and smile at each other.  Her eyes saying "Aah, you too?  Hang in there, fellow single sister.  I'll see you at the club later.  And you better not buy that top because I've been eyeing it since I walked in."

Yes.  The Single Girl Smile and Nod is a little salute to the fellow single women we come in contact with.  Which is a lot, considering women outnumber men 2:1 in NYC.

We're in this together, my friend.  

She's smiling on the inside.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dammit Jimmy Kimmel.

Yoga pants hats off to you.  You got me.  

Got me good.

And you're right.. I guess it's good that nothing was more important this week.

Like Syria.  Or that a dad starved his 3 year old daughter so that she was only 11 lbs when she died.  Or a lost van Gogh was discovered this week.

All of which I read and/or heard about. 

And I posted the twerking fail video like everyone else.

Well played, Jimmy.. well played indeed.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hai guise.

I hate summer.  It makes me lazy and unmotivated and useless.

At least that's the excuse that I'm going with as to why I couldn't be bothered to blog.

For real though, I hate the heat and the mugginess.  So for the entire month of August, I barely left my AC.

I don't do sweat.  Or giant foofy poodle hair.  Which is what happens to my head when the slightest amount of humidity shows up.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and felt all renewed and ready to blog and shit.  This just backs up my previous hypothesis.

Moving on.

Know what I love?  Recycle day.  Recycle day is awesome.

Why is it awesome?

Because books!  Just sitting on the sidewalk!  Waiting for meee!

Yes indeedy.  That is two giant bags of books!

Real books.  With pages and covers and the lovely book smell..

Thanks to money and space reasons, I had to switch over to an eReader.  But these are free!  Lovely free REAL books!

All in all, the count came out to 52 books, not counting the assorted magazines.

Among those 52 were the awesome..

The weird..

And the really fucking disturbing..

Seriously.  Who actually buys Philippa Gregory?

Serial killers and puppy kickers, that's who.

So, my plan is to sort out all the interesting looking books and then take the rest to the library across the street.

Then yesterday, after being inspired by the Century 21 bags that the books came in, I walked down to Century 21 to get myself some new sheets.

And walked out with 3 bags of things I didn't need but were way too pretty to pass up.

My favorite purchase, which had absolutely nothing to do with the binge-sesh I indulged in of Downton Abbey season 3 the day before, is my new little tea set!

I know, I know.. a bit of an odd purchase for a 29 year old 23 year old, modern day woman, but I couldn't help myself!

I plan to keep adding to it, which is why they're all different.  So in the end I'll end up with a full mismatched tea service.  The front 4 came as a set called Rose Chintz that I got for $19.97.  The teapot was a separate piece that I bought out of a set for $6.99.  And the two matching next to the teapot came together with that little blue and orange box which has 20 assorted teas.  That was purchased for $12.97.

First tea in my new set.  I feel so fancy!

I've also found other uses for my tea set.. Like breakfast! 

Supah fancy!

Those two photo frames were also new purchases ($5.97 and $6.97) along with some candles, which I used to decorate my "mantle".

Which is really my TV stand because I live in Brooklyn and am not a billionaire that can afford a fireplace with a real mantle on the Upper East Side and it's not fair and NO, I'M NOT JEALOUS AT ALL.


Newly decorated with Century 21 awesomeness.

All the candles, besides the lit ones, are also new.

So, that's what I've been doing the past couple of days.  Helping clean the streets and doing my part for consumerism.  

What have y'all been up to since we last chatted?  

I missed you guise!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My life in pictures.

I've been unbelievably busy since my birthday last month.  That's why I haven't blogged lately.  And since I'm lazy, I decided to catch you all up by doing a photo dump.

Much easier than actually having to write something.

Woot.  Laziness FTW.  Welcome to my camera phone.

Lila found after she snuck off.

Birthday flowers.

Jake and Lila, in their hired car.  That's how they roll.

I don't pack too much, my suitcase is too small.


Selfies.  Lots and lots of selfies.

Generally how I park.

Never can have too many beers.

Open road song.

Hello Mt Rainier.. It's been a while since I've seen you.

Graduation (not mine, obvs).

The goofiest goof that ever goofed.  I love him.

The Boathouse.

Selfie @ The Boathouse.

Drinks @ The Boathouse.

Homeward bound.

Party for some rich guy I don't know.

The Common @ The Hudson Hotel.

I have a weak spot for good gifts.

Dinner in the Time Warner building.

Hudson lobby.

View from the Sky Terrace.

Sky Terrace @ The Hudson Hotel.

My little spot.

My view from said spot.

Selfie from said spot.

Kisses @ said spot.

The Book of Mormon.

Food.  Lots of food.

Tequila Park

Other side of Tequila Park.

OK, I'm pictured out and I bet you are too.